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Today’s consumers demand better quality, high nutrition values and high food appeal to the retort food than what are available in the market presently. Food appeal means better taste, colour, texture and mouth feel.

If properly done, the retort food could be produced with much higher quality and can even reach the food appeal of its fresh equivalence.

For example, Heinz produces about 5 million cans of Baked Beans per day in one of their factories where as  many of their competitors are trying hard to produce similar product, but could not  achieve even any way nearer  to the quality of Heinz brand.

This shows the importance of the proper implementation of the perfect retort processing technology. 


Here you can see the photos of retorted canned Baked Beans produced by two companies which are available in the market.

One product was produced perfectly maintaining all the food qualities as compared to its fresh equivalence where as the other was badly processed and lost most of the basic food qualities. The company which produced the good food shown below produce about 5 million cans per day where as the other company hardly produce 5,000 cans per day.

This photo explains the importance of the implementation of the proper technology to produce high quality retort food.

We are here to assist you to set up a high class retort processing plant or help those who wanted to improve the quality of the retort food in a much better way than what are presently being done.

We are a consortium of technologists, consultants and experts in the field of Retort Processing who  are intended to share our expertise to those who are interested in this subject.

Here you can refer everything about Retort processing including Retort Processing Technology, details about the critical factors involved in the processing, tips to produce high quality safe retort food,  Validation tips, details about the good suppliers of best machinery / equipment / packaging for retort processing, project reports, retort packaging,   tips from  qualified consultants, technologists and experts in this field and many more.


Our Online Remote technical support for the Retort Food product development includes the following:-


1. Advice on raw material selections, sorting, pre-cooking methods etc.

2. Advice on packing, filling, sealing etc.

3. Assistance in selecting suitable machinery, equipment, packing materials, utilities  etc for setting up high quality retort production plants.

4. Assistance for setting up of retort processing  parameters including , pre processing methods,  Required come up time,over pressure controls,  holding time, Fo values, Cooling time, total process time etc. These will be defined based on the client’s available facility and utilities.

5. Training on in-house process technology development based on the target products and containers

6 Incubation and Microbiology advice

7. Assistance in plant layout, utilities handling etc.

8. Training on Post Process handling

9. Documentation of the process

10. FDA validation assistance on thermal processing

In case you need assistance on any of the above mentioned subjects, please send an email to RetortProcessing@gmail.com