Retort Processing Technology

Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Growth of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum in canned food may cause botulism—a deadly form of food poisoning. These bacteria exist either as spores or as vegetative cells. The spores, which are comparable to plant seeds, can survive harmlessly in soil and water for many years. When ideal conditions exist for growth, the spores […]

Establishing Safe Thermal Processes Methods

Establishing Safe Thermal Processes Method Making decisions in the design of safe and suitable thermal process schedules in processing systems of great variety and capability requires exceptional knowledge, judgement, skill, equipment, facilities, and resources on the part of the process authority/specialist. Here the discussion is about the differences in three calculation methods used throughout the […]

Retort Processing Technology

Retort Processing Technology

  Here you can see the photos of retorted Baked Beans produced by two different companies.One product was produced perfectly maintaining all the food qualities as compared to its fresh equivalence where as the other was badly processed and lost most of the basic food qualities.The company which produced the good food shown below produce […]

How to produce High quality Retort Processed foods with highest level of safety ?

First and foremost the processor should understand the behavior of the product to be processed. He should know the following important factors about the product, pouches and retort.   The pH value of the product The maximum temperature which the product can withstand before it loses its basic qualities and nutrient values. (holding temperature) The […]

Retort Processing – never ending technology development

Actually speaking, there is NO specific technology for processing any specific product in any specific flexible containers. But there are good guidelines for processing the food in flexible containers developed by expert food technologists across the world.   The processor can modify the basic available technology as per the available resources like type of retorts, type […]

How to protect the containers from spoilage during Retort processing

It is very important to study the behaviour of flexible containers during the retort processing to make sure that the containers are not exposed to high stress and stretching during the processing. Over stretching of the flexible containers lead to the loss of barrier properties and in turn fail to achieve the shelf life.   […]

What are the critical parameters in Retort Processing ?

When ever the processor develop retort processing technology, he should consider the following important parameters :- Container type ( cans, pouches, plastic trays, glass bottles) Container Size Container Material ( transparent or aluminium foiled pouches) Orientation of the containers inside the retort ( vertical or horizontal) Selection of Secondary packages Type of Retort available ( steam/air, water […]

How to select the equipment for validation and process monitoring ?

The equipments used for Validation and Monitoring should be highly accurate and reliable. Even an error of 1 deg C will change the Fo values by 26%. So it is recommended to have a system with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 deg C.   The measuring sensors should have thin needles made up of materials […]

How important is 1 deg C in Retort Processing applications ?

Even 1 deg C is very important in Retort Processing. An error of 1 deg C during sterilization time ( at 121 deg C ) will change the Food Sterilization value ( Fo value) by 26%.   For example, if the processor is planning to process 5 minutes at 121 deg C for a specific […]

Validation or Regular Monitoring ? Which is better for Retort Processing ?

Validation includes Heat Distribution and Heat Penetration Studies.   Heat Distribution Tests are designed to ensure that the sterilizer is at a uniform temperature inside the process chamber throughout the process. The Temperature Distribution Tests should be designed to locate the slowest heating area in the sterilizer. Once the slowest heating areas are located, the […]

What data are required by the processor to process Retort Processed Ready to Eat Foods ?

If the processor is producing retort processed food based on the technology developed by a technologist or technology transfer centre, the following data should be obtained in order to produce safe and high quality products. Food Sterilization Value ( Fo value of the product) Cook value ( Co value of the product) Co value during […]

What is Retort Processing Technology ? How to develop the Technology ?

Actually speaking, there is no specific technology for processing any specific product in any specific flexible containers. But there are good guidelines for processing the food in flexible containers. Fo-value recommendations and technology guidelines from any technologists or institutes are to be understood as general guidelines at best and should always be applied in trial […]

What are Retort Processed Ready to Eat Foods ?

What are Retort Processed Ready to Eat Foods ? Ready To Eat, Shelf Stable, Retort Sterilized Foods are completely cooked foods packed in airtight containers, which could be preserved at room temperature for a long period of time without the necessity of freezing, cooling and drying. The thermally-processed retort foods are waterproof, weatherproof and bug […]

Process Optimization

Optimization of Retort Processing & Production of Shelf Stable Ready to Eat Retort Food In order to produce high quality safe  Retort Food, it is very important to optimize the retort processing. The product should be sterilized properly to make sure that it is safe for consumption. At the same time, it should not be […]