Establishing Safe Thermal Processes Methods

Establishing Safe Thermal Processes Method Making decisions in the design of safe and suitable thermal process schedules in processing systems of great variety and capability requires exceptional knowledge, judgement, skill, equipment, facilities, and resources on the part of the process authority/specialist. Here the discussion is about the differences in three calculation methods used throughout the […]

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How to protect the containers from spoilage during Retort processing

It is very important to study the behaviour of flexible containers during the retort processing to make sure that the containers are not exposed to high stress and stretching during the processing. Over stretching of the flexible containers lead to the loss of barrier properties and in turn fail to achieve the shelf life.   […]

What are the critical parameters in Retort Processing ?

When ever the┬áprocessor┬ádevelop retort processing technology, he should consider the following important parameters :- Container type ( cans, pouches, plastic trays, glass bottles) Container Size Container Material ( transparent or aluminium foiled pouches) Orientation of the containers inside the retort ( vertical or horizontal) Selection of Secondary packages Type of Retort available ( steam/air, water […]