How to select the equipment for validation and process monitoring ?

The equipments used for Validation and Monitoring should be highly accurate and reliable. Even an error of 1 deg C will change the Fo values by 26%. So it is recommended to have a system with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 deg C.


The measuring sensors should have thin needles made up of materials with less heat conduction to eliminate the heat conduction from the sides.


The measuring point in the sensor should be small and it positioned at a place where it should collect the data from the cold spot of the hardest piece of the products located at the cold spot of the containers.


The probes should be sturdy and reliable and should withstand the adverse retort conditions like high temperature, humidity and pressure.


The probes should not have any Drift even with minor mishandling during the processing.


The measuring equipment & probes should be reliable and work for a long time within its specifications without frequent recalibration.


The measuring system should have user friendly software to provide graphical and tabular data of temperature and pressure, Fo values, heat distribution and heat penetration data etc.


The system and probes should be complaint to FDA / USDA and other international regulatory agencies.