Online Technical Support

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We offer Online Technology Transfer to our clients worldwide. We have tied up with qualified Technologists across different countries who are the masters in various retort food products. They will interact with our clients online to provide technical assistance for the development of various retort food products.

We have dedicated technologists for different products including Fish, Meat, Vegetable products, soups, rice products, juices, sauces, dairy products etc.

Our technical support for the Retort Food product development includes the following :-

1. Advise on raw material selections, sorting, pre-cooking methods etc.
2. Advise on packing, filling, sealing etc.
3. Assistance in selecting suitable retort, sealing and filling machine and other equipment / machinery as per the target products
4. Thermal Process procedure. – Required come up time, holding time, Fo values, Cooling time, total process time etc. These will be defined based on the clients available facility and utilities.
5. Training on in-house process technology development based on the target products and containers
6 Incubation and Microbiology advice
7. Assistance in plant layout, utilities handling etc.
8. Training on Post Process handling
9. Documentation of the process
10. FDA validation assistance on thermal processing

Our clients can chat with our technologists online and clarify all the quires. They will support online until the clients are fully satisfied and able to produce the intended food as per their requirement.

We also have technical experts who offer full turnkey solutions for setting up high class retort processing plant with the most modern facilities.